How to Prepare for Professional Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

All dependable professional roof cleaning companies are well equipped and well prepared to take on cleaning roofs of any type and any size. A good roof cleaning company will also tidy up after doing their job.


Still, even the best roof cleaning companies will require a little bit of your help when it comes to adequate preparation before they can carry out a thorough cleaning of your roof and gutters.


Being a homeowner, you have to make your home and your entire household ready for the roof cleaning that will take place to ensure that everything will run smoothly and to avoid any possible problem that might occur along the way.


Many homeowners want to know if they have to be at home during the roof cleaning process to oversee what is happening – the answer is no, not necessarily. As long as you have properly prepared everything and you have hired seasoned roof cleaners, you don’t have to worry about anything and you can be somewhere else while the cleaning takes place.


An important thing to note about roof cleaning procedure is that the roof cleaning companies often use harsh cleaning chemicals that could be dangerous to pets and plants. Therefore, you have to make sure that your pet would not wander around the exterior of your house where the chemicals will drip during the cleaning. As for plants, clear out any potted plants you have close to the house area where water will drip from the downspouts or roof edges to prevent them from being contaminated. Watering your lawn before the roof cleaners arrive is also necessary to protect your plants from the chemicals.


Water splashing messily is another matter to expect during roof cleaning. Therefore, close any window and shut your doors if you don’t want water, soap, or other chemicals getting inside your house.


If you have outside furniture that could get in the way of the roof cleaners or any outdoor item that could get wet, temporarily move them to another location away from all the area where the cleaners will work.

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