Different Roof Treatments

Roof Treatments

In taking care of your roof, routine roof inspection, habitual cleaning, and roof repainting are just some of the most common steps taken. However, these steps are not enough to make sure that your roof is well protected from all potentially destructive elements.


There are some commercially available treatments for your roof that can help extend its life expectancy.


Water (mostly from rainfall) is one of the most damaging elements to any roof type. It is almost impossible to completely shield your roof from rainwater. However, you can apply various roof coating to eliminate moisture from your roof. There are different treatments you can purchase that will make your roof water resistant.


Apart from water, there are also some other factors that can harm your roof such as UV rays. Just like waterproofing treatments, there are also specialized roof coatings you could buy and apply yourself to protect your roof from harmful UV rays.


The growth of mold and mildew on your roof is something that is not just damaging but can be very ugly to look at. You will never run out of roof treatments you can easily buy at your trusted local store. There is spray on brands and ones that you have to apply by brush.


Most of the time, after you have soaked the area of mold growth in the chemical, you need to manually remove it. But today, there are brands that you can leave after applying the mold removing substance – these brands are commonly known as ‘wet and forget’ treatments since they do not require additional work once applied.


Alternatively, you can turn to do-it-yourself mold removal mixtures made from usual household materials. Dishwashing agents, baking soda, as well as vinegar are known to be effective against mold. Soap or dishwashing detergents could be mixed with water and applied on the affected spot on your roof. Use a brush to gently remove mold. With baking soda, you can either apply it to the area as it is or mixes it with water and spray it liberally. Vinegar can be simply sprayed on the mold as well to remove it.

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