Common Misconceptions About Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

Being led on by false information can quickly lead to misconception. Misconceptions, in general, are not a good thing – they can lead to issues and problems because of ideas that are untrue.

Roof cleaning is not exempt from common misconceptions. There are homeowners from different parts of the world that still believe in roof cleaning misconceptions, and, in doing so, they may be harming their roofs indirectly.

My roof looks clean, so it doesn’t need cleaning.

Moss, algae, mold, and any roof dirt may already be forming long before they start to become noticeable. And sometimes, even after you have removed them once they have already formed, they would still leave hard-to-remove marks on your roof. To avoid these stains, you should follow a regular roof cleaning regimen – even when you don’t see black stains on your roof yet.

I can rent a pressure washing equipment and clean the roof myself.

Well, yes you can – but at what cost? Pressure washing can be extremely damaging to your roof. It is an excessively harsh cleaning method that can remove the protective coating from your roof. This protective coating is vital for your roof to stand the test of time, and its removal means cutting your roof’s lifespan. While you can clean your roof with a rented pressure washer and perform the cleaning yourself, you can also destroy your roof if you do.

Ugly black roof stains mean roof replacement.

Not at all. These ugly black stains on your roof are mostly mold, moss, and algae collected on your roof through time; and professional roof cleaning companies should be able to completely remove them and restore your roof into its sparkling condition in no time. So, once you see black streaks on your roof, call a roof cleaning company first instead of a roof repair company.

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