Advantages and Disadvantages of Pressure Washing Your Roof

Pressure Washing

Cleaning your roof is of utmost importance if you want to protect the good quality of your home. Dirty, moldy, and stained roofs can greatly affect not only the look of your house but its market value as well.


Not everyone is keen on hiring a professional roof cleaning company to take care of the cleaning and maintenance of their roof; as a matter of fact, there are many homeowners who take on the challenging task of cleaning their roof themselves.


For many years now, there were debates on whether or not pressure washing is a good roof cleaning method.


When you think about it, it is unsurprising why people might think doing a pressure wash would be an effective and fast way one can get rid of stubborn dirt on their roof shingles. Just imagine a high pressured water jetting to push away mold and algae stuck on your roof – sounds really convenient, right?


The thing with pressure washing is that it could really make your roof look impeccable; with a roof without a trace of dirt, who wouldn’t want that?


But, there is a significant downside to using pressure washing as a means to clean your roof.


The pressure from this cleaning method can be so strong to the point that it is capable of destroying your roof.


Some roof shingles have protective granules over them that serve as the shield against destructive elements such as ultraviolet rays, heat, and moisture. Pressure washing can remove these granules from your roof shingles – making your roof vulnerable to premature damage.


Therefore, no matter how clean your roof looks after pressure washing, there is a lot to pay for in the days to come because you might be in need of roof repairs or even roof replacement sooner than you thought.


Numerous professional roof cleaners do not recommend pressure washing roofs.


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