Roof Cleaning

Common Misconceptions About Roof Cleaning

Being led on by false information can quickly lead to misconception. Misconceptions, in general, are not a good thing – they can lead to issues and problems because of ideas that are untrue.

Roof cleaning is not exempt from common misconceptions. There are homeowners from different parts of the world that still believe in roof cleaning misconceptions, and, in doing so, they may be harming their roofs indirectly.

My roof looks clean, so it doesn’t need cleaning.

Moss, algae, mold, and any roof dirt may already be forming long before they start to become noticeable. And sometimes, even after you have removed them once they have already formed, they would still leave hard-to-remove marks on your roof. To avoid these stains, you should follow a regular roof cleaning regimen – even when you don’t see black stains on your roof yet.

I can rent a pressure washing equipment and clean the roof myself.

Well, yes you can – but at what cost? Pressure washing can be extremely damaging to your roof. It is an excessively harsh cleaning method that can remove the protective coating from your roof. This protective coating is vital for your roof to stand the test of time, and its removal means cutting your roof’s lifespan. While you can clean your roof with a rented pressure washer and perform the cleaning yourself, you can also destroy your roof if you do.

Ugly black roof stains mean roof replacement.

Not at all. These ugly black stains on your roof are mostly mold, moss, and algae collected on your roof through time; and professional roof cleaning companies should be able to completely remove them and restore your roof into its sparkling condition in no time. So, once you see black streaks on your roof, call a roof cleaning company first instead of a roof repair company.

Roof Cleaning

How to Prepare for Professional Roof Cleaning

All dependable professional roof cleaning companies are well equipped and well prepared to take on cleaning roofs of any type and any size. A good roof cleaning company will also tidy up after doing their job.


Still, even the best roof cleaning companies will require a little bit of your help when it comes to adequate preparation before they can carry out a thorough cleaning of your roof and gutters.


Being a homeowner, you have to make your home and your entire household ready for the roof cleaning that will take place to ensure that everything will run smoothly and to avoid any possible problem that might occur along the way.


Many homeowners want to know if they have to be at home during the roof cleaning process to oversee what is happening – the answer is no, not necessarily. As long as you have properly prepared everything and you have hired seasoned roof cleaners, you don’t have to worry about anything and you can be somewhere else while the cleaning takes place.


An important thing to note about roof cleaning procedure is that the roof cleaning companies often use harsh cleaning chemicals that could be dangerous to pets and plants. Therefore, you have to make sure that your pet would not wander around the exterior of your house where the chemicals will drip during the cleaning. As for plants, clear out any potted plants you have close to the house area where water will drip from the downspouts or roof edges to prevent them from being contaminated. Watering your lawn before the roof cleaners arrive is also necessary to protect your plants from the chemicals.


Water splashing messily is another matter to expect during roof cleaning. Therefore, close any window and shut your doors if you don’t want water, soap, or other chemicals getting inside your house.


If you have outside furniture that could get in the way of the roof cleaners or any outdoor item that could get wet, temporarily move them to another location away from all the area where the cleaners will work.

Pressure Washing

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pressure Washing Your Roof

Cleaning your roof is of utmost importance if you want to protect the good quality of your home. Dirty, moldy, and stained roofs can greatly affect not only the look of your house but its market value as well.


Not everyone is keen on hiring a professional roof cleaning company to take care of the cleaning and maintenance of their roof; as a matter of fact, there are many homeowners who take on the challenging task of cleaning their roof themselves.


For many years now, there were debates on whether or not pressure washing is a good roof cleaning method.


When you think about it, it is unsurprising why people might think doing a pressure wash would be an effective and fast way one can get rid of stubborn dirt on their roof shingles. Just imagine a high pressured water jetting to push away mold and algae stuck on your roof – sounds really convenient, right?


The thing with pressure washing is that it could really make your roof look impeccable; with a roof without a trace of dirt, who wouldn’t want that?


But, there is a significant downside to using pressure washing as a means to clean your roof.


The pressure from this cleaning method can be so strong to the point that it is capable of destroying your roof.


Some roof shingles have protective granules over them that serve as the shield against destructive elements such as ultraviolet rays, heat, and moisture. Pressure washing can remove these granules from your roof shingles – making your roof vulnerable to premature damage.


Therefore, no matter how clean your roof looks after pressure washing, there is a lot to pay for in the days to come because you might be in need of roof repairs or even roof replacement sooner than you thought.


Numerous professional roof cleaners do not recommend pressure washing roofs.


Roof Treatments

Different Roof Treatments

In taking care of your roof, routine roof inspection, habitual cleaning, and roof repainting are just some of the most common steps taken. However, these steps are not enough to make sure that your roof is well protected from all potentially destructive elements.


There are some commercially available treatments for your roof that can help extend its life expectancy.


Water (mostly from rainfall) is one of the most damaging elements to any roof type. It is almost impossible to completely shield your roof from rainwater. However, you can apply various roof coating to eliminate moisture from your roof. There are different treatments you can purchase that will make your roof water resistant.


Apart from water, there are also some other factors that can harm your roof such as UV rays. Just like waterproofing treatments, there are also specialized roof coatings you could buy and apply yourself to protect your roof from harmful UV rays.


The growth of mold and mildew on your roof is something that is not just damaging but can be very ugly to look at. You will never run out of roof treatments you can easily buy at your trusted local store. There is spray on brands and ones that you have to apply by brush.


Most of the time, after you have soaked the area of mold growth in the chemical, you need to manually remove it. But today, there are brands that you can leave after applying the mold removing substance – these brands are commonly known as ‘wet and forget’ treatments since they do not require additional work once applied.


Alternatively, you can turn to do-it-yourself mold removal mixtures made from usual household materials. Dishwashing agents, baking soda, as well as vinegar are known to be effective against mold. Soap or dishwashing detergents could be mixed with water and applied on the affected spot on your roof. Use a brush to gently remove mold. With baking soda, you can either apply it to the area as it is or mixes it with water and spray it liberally. Vinegar can be simply sprayed on the mold as well to remove it.